Nov 18 • 4M

500,000 opportunities for F&B in hospitality - Richard Garcia, Remington Hotels

Richard Garcia, SVP of Food & Beverage, Remington Hotels

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Josiah Mackenzie
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When I spoke with Remington Hotels SVP of Food & Beverage Richard Garcia earlier this summer, he had just pulled up some stats before we talked.

“In the past few months, we’ve had over half a million visitors - and that’s a half a million opportunities I have.”

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • What opportunities Richard sees in each of these touchpoints

  • How the hotel industry has stripped away services that used to be offered on the rooms side of the business - and how F&B can make up the slack

  • The opportunity with F&B in creating more touchpoints while on property

  • Why “personalizing the guest experience” doesn’t have to be complicated (and one way to easily do this)

  • How personalized service can increase through each class of hotels

👉 Question of the day: How are you using food & beverage as an opportunity to engage new guests and show hospitality to more people?

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