Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Featuring Chris Silcock, President of Global Brands at Hilton

What makes a strong brand in hospitality today?

Today, Chris Silcock, President of Global Brands and Commercial Services at Hilton, joins us to answer this question. Chris oversees the company’s 22 brands, and you're going to learn how he thinks about brand differentiation, customer and owner expectations today, the role of technology, and much more.

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Let’s get into it…

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How We Build Strong Brands

Chris Silcock // Credit: Hilton

Today, Chris Silcock, President of Global Brands and Commercial Services at Hilton, shares his perspective overseeing Hilton's 22 brands and the company's pivotal commercial functions, including customer engagement, technology, sales, marketing, and revenue management.

In this, we cover:

  • Brand Differentiation: Understanding how to differentiate brands to resonate with specific customer segments and trip occasions.

  • Customer Expectations: Learning what guests are looking for in hospitality brands today, such as a reliable and friendly stay, and how to deliver a superior experience through product, service, culture, and technology.

  • Owner Expectations: Gaining insight into what owners expect from hospitality brands, including quick ramp-up times, long-term performance, and access to loyalty programs and technology platforms.

  • Technology's Role: The importance of integrating technology to enhance the customer experience, both before and during their stay.

  • Brand Pillars: The three core pillars of defining a brand experience: product attributes, service and culture, and technology.

  • Market Share as a Performance Indicator: Using market share to measure and support the success of brand differentiation and customer experience strategies.

  • Generational Trends: Preparing for future generations like Gen Alpha by understanding evolving technology and the importance of physical experiences.

  • Wellness Trends: Recognizing the increasing prioritization of wellness in hospitality, especially in relation to sleep and overall well-being.

  • Hilton for Business Program: The origins and benefits of the Hilton for Business program, designed to meet the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Brand Consistency and Uniqueness: Balancing the consistency of a high-quality Hilton experience with the unique characteristics of individual brands to cater to different customer needs.

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