Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Featuring Chris Silcock, President of Global Brands at Hilton

What makes a strong brand in hospitality today?

Today, Chris Silcock, President of Global Brands and Commercial Services at Hilton, joins us to answer this question. Chris oversees the company’s 22 brands, and you're going to learn how he thinks about brand differentiation, customer and owner expectations today, the role of technology, and much more.

We’re also learning:

  • Starting a new role well (Alex Schellenberger)

  • Why every hotel doesn’t need to be an “experience” (David Eisen)

  • Career lessons and advice (Michelle Jensen Session)

  • What Soho House needs to do to improve - with lessons for every hospitality provider (Rasheid Karl Scott)

  • Building a strong foundation for your team (Taylor Scott)

Let’s get into it…

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