How We Build Strong Community Relationships to Thrive

with Caitlin Ornitz, VP of Strategy at Champagne Hospitality

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Everyone talks about “community,” but what does it really take for a property to really become a cornerstone of its location? Today, Caitlin Ornitz, Vice President of Strategy at Champagne Hospitality, shares how their hotels in France and the Caribbean have become pillars of the communities they operate in.

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How We Build Strong Community Relationships to Thrive

with Caitlin Ornitz, VP of Strategy at Champagne Hospitality

Caitlin Ornitz // Credit: Champagne Hospitality

Today, Caitlin Ornitz shares how they build community connections at Champagne Hospitality - everything from how their company is structured to how they host people from the surrounding area with secret menus for locals. I want you to get inspired by what it looks like to participate in and celebrate the places you are providing hospitality from.

A few takeaways:

  • Embrace Your Community: Ensure your business is not just a building in a location but acts as an active member of the community. This is done through building long-term relationships with neighbors and participating in community events.

  • Try Offering Exclusive Local Experiences: Develop secret menus or special offers that cater specifically to local residents. This fosters a sense of exclusivity and appreciation among the community.

  • Host Community-Centric Events: Organize events that resonate with the local culture and interests, such as showcasing local vintners if you're in a wine region.

  • Build on Sustainability: Incorporate sustainable practices into your hotel's operations. This could range from addressing local environmental issues like flooding to designing buildings that utilize natural elements like wind for cooling.

  • Cultivate a Unique Identity for Each Property: Rather than pushing a corporate brand, allow each property to develop its own identity and reputation within its community where possible.

  • Become a “Third Space”: Aim to be a place where people feel comfortable to gather outside of their homes and workplaces.

  • Empower Your Team To Build Community: Build a team that is deeply connected to the community and excited about listening and responding to its needs.

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