Friday, April 12, 2024

Featuring Anthony Melchiorri

Do you want to get better at recruiting, hiring, and leading people?

If so, read on to learn from Anthony Melchiorri, host of the new hit show “Hotel All-Stars,” about hiring in hospitality, what it takes to succeed in this business - and how to lead effectively as a hotel leader today.

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Hotel All-Stars with Anthony Melchiorri: Hiring, Career & Leadership Lessons for You

Anthony Melchiorri's new show - Hotel All-Stars - celebrates the magic of hotels and working in hospitality.

Today, we're going behind the scenes with Anthony to hear what he's learned about hiring in hospitality, what it takes to succeed in this business - and how to lead effectively as a hotel leader today.

Here are a few takeaways for you today:

  • What it takes to succeed in hospitality

    • Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is crucial for thriving in hospitality. You must be able to read situations and react appropriately.

    • Solution-Oriented Mindset: Focus on seeing solutions rather than problems. This approach is vital in a service-driven business where the goal is to make guests happy.

  • Advice on hiring

    • Look for Passion and Commitment: Anthony highlighted the importance of hiring people who demonstrate a genuine love for the hospitality industry, even if they come from unconventional backgrounds or lack specific experience.

    • Embrace Diversity: Emphasize hiring people who may not fit the traditional mold but bring unique perspectives and skills to the table.

    • Conduct “Reconnaissance”: Assess candidates from the moment they step onto the property. Observe all interactions (not just the formal interview) to gauge someone’s real character and fit with your company culture.

  • Keys to effective leadership

    • Lead with Heart: Leadership in hospitality should be compassionate and people-focused. Anthony stressed the importance of leading by example and showing genuine concern for both guests and staff.

    • Create a Supportive Culture: A strong, positive company culture isn't something you just say you have; it's demonstrated through actions. It's built on the foundation of how employees are treated and how leaders behave.

    • Training and Development: Investing in proper training and personal development for staff is crucial, despite budget constraints. This ensures everyone is equipped to perform their roles effectively and can lead to higher job satisfaction and better customer service.

    • Adapt to Changes: Be open to changes in the industry, whether they are about guest expectations, employee needs, or tech advancements.

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