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How We Improved Employee Satisfaction and Earned Great Reviews on Glassdoor

with James Ferguson, Director of Culture at Wurzak Hotel Group

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Glassdoor is like TripAdvisor/Google reviews for your employees. You need great scores to attract top talent. Today, James Ferguson shares how Wurzak Hotel Group turned around their culture to earn amazing reviews there.

If you want to create a culture of employee engagement and satisfaction, retain your talented team members, and attract new people to work in your hospitality business, I think you’ll find this case study as fascinating as I did.

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How We Improved Employee Satisfaction and Earned Great Reviews on Glassdoor

with James Ferguson, Director of Culture at Wurzak Hotel Group

James Ferguson // Credit: Wurzak Hotel Group

Glassdoor is a crucial place to monitor and improve if you want to attract talented people to your teams. Today, we’re learning from James Ferguson, Director of Culture at Wurzak Hotel Group, about how they've improved employee satisfaction and increased their Glassdoor rating from 2.5 to its current overall rating above 4 (4.7/5 in the area they’re spending the most time in).

A few takeaways:

  1. Monitor and Improve Your Glassdoor Ratings: Actively track your employee reviews on Glassdoor to understand the employee experience and work on areas that need improvement. A higher rating can attract more talented people to your team.

  2. Focus on Employee Satisfaction: Prioritize initiatives that enhance employee satisfaction, as this directly impacts your Glassdoor rating and, by extension, your brand's reputation among potential hires.

  3. Implement a Culture Strategy: Develop a strategic approach to culture that assesses current needs and plans for future action. This can lead to significant improvements in employee morale and satisfaction.

  4. Live Your Mission and Brand Pillars: Ensure that your mission and brand pillars are not just words on a wall but principles that are actively lived out by your team. This alignment can drive positive outcomes across the organization.

  5. Engage Leadership and Teams: Cultivate buy-in from all levels of leadership and staff. Collective responsibility and support are crucial for cultural initiatives to succeed.

  6. Create Awareness and Education: Use visual communications, such as posters in staff areas, to keep your mission and brand pillars top of mind. Incorporate micro-learnings into daily huddles to educate staff on how to apply these principles in their work.

  7. Encourage Action Through Recognition: Use programs like the Wurzak WOW program to enable on-the-spot recognition. Acknowledge team members when they live out your brand pillars, creating a culture of appreciation and motivation.

  8. Invest in Orientation and Training: From day one, set clear expectations and provide comprehensive training to new hires. A strong start can lead to better retention and performance.

  9. Track Internal Metrics: Beyond Glassdoor ratings, keep an eye on internal metrics such as time to hire and turnover rates. These can offer insights into the effectiveness of your cultural initiatives.

  10. Lead a Proactive Culture: Shift from a reactive to a proactive approach in addressing issues. Anticipate potential challenges and address them early on to maintain a positive work environment.

By doing this, you can create a thriving work environment that not only improves employee satisfaction but also enhances the guest experience and your business bottom line.

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