The Key to Timeless Excellence in Hospitality

with Chris Norton, CEO at Equinox Hotels

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Yesterday, Stuart Grief showed how technology might upgrade our ability to provide hospitality, and today, I want you to hear from Equinox Hotels CEO Chris Norton about the timeless aspects of hospitality. It's the dance between timelessness and tech that makes hospitality so interesting - so read on to see how this may look for you.

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The Key to Timeless Excellence in Hospitality

with Chris Norton, CEO at Equinox Hotels

Chris Norton // Credit: Equinox Hotels

Today, Chris Norton, CEO of Equinox Hotels, shares the timeless essence of hospitality, emphasizing the importance of human interaction and personalized experiences that have remained constant over the years - and are something we can count on being equally valuable in the years ahead. Chris shares personal experiences from his recent travels, highlighting how genuine warmth and thoughtful gestures from people can elevate any hospitality experience, whether it be on a luxury train, a construction camp, or a high-end hotel. Chris also stresses the value of sustainability and efficiency in luxury hospitality - drawing from his Swiss upbringing - where luxury is defined by rarity and resourcefulness rather than extravagance.

A few takeaways:

  • Embrace Timelessness and Technology: Balance the timeless aspects of hospitality, such as a warm welcome and a comfortable bed, with the efficient use of technology to streamline the travel experience.

  • Focus on Human Interaction: Despite technological advancements, simple interactions and personalized guest experiences remain foundational to hospitality.

  • Hospitality is a People-Based Business: Recognize that hospitality is a people-based industry, and success is fundamentally tied to how well you treat and lead your people.

  • Diverse Experiences, Common Humanity: Understand that whether it's a train ride or a stay in a luxury hotel, the common thread that ties all great hospitality experiences is humanity and the way human connection makes guests feel special.

  • Adapt to Guest Preferences: Know your guests' preferences and tailor their experience accordingly, avoiding overindulgence in favor of meaningful, personalized gestures.

  • Celebrate Craftsmanship: This applies not only to physical goods but also to the crafting of guest experiences, ensuring they are thoughtful and relevant.

  • The Best Luxury Isn't Wasteful: Luxury and excellence are increasingly defined by rarity and thoughtfulness rather than extravagance. Focus on crafting experiences that are relevant and masterfully executed without unnecessary waste.

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