Designing new employee experiences

With Szilvia Olah

We decide during the first week if we’ll stay or not.

Szilvia Olah

Today we’re learning from Szilvia Olah, Founder of The Strengths Company, and a former Learning & Talent Development leader at Accor and Jumeirah Group in Dubai.

The big idea: The way you interact with your new team members from the very start sets the tone for your culture - and the likelihood they will stay with you.

Today's 8-minute episode covers:

  • Who is responsible for new employee experience (0:35)

  • Designing a great pre-arrival experience (0:50)

  • Why you need to let new employees know in advance what the first days/weeks with your organization will look like (1:46)

  • Why you should not focus on onboarding the first day (2:14)

  • The story of designing a treasure hunt for new employees (4:12)

  • The important 5-minute check-in (6:05)

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Question for you: What does your new employee experience look like?