🍍Why work in hospitality?

Plus: Better minibars

Today we’re looking at:

  • Why 9 hospitality leaders work in this industry (and how you can use this for your recruiting)

  • Ideas for better minibars (The Yacht Club in Boca Raton is doing something I’d like to see more of)

Why work in hospitality?

I asked 9 people who built amazing careers in hospitality this question.

What they said are things you should be talking about when you’re recruiting - even if you don’t have the hottest lifestyle brand.

Read the rest of this here, and let me know in the comments why you work in hospitality. I’m working on another article on this and would love to include you.

Better minibars

While the convenience of walking three steps from your bed to the minibar can’t be beat, the value, quality, and overall experience certainly can, Eben Diskin wrote for Matador. Minibars are built for consumption, but not really for the consumer. They’re like those glittering claw machines containing GoPros, iPhones, and PS5s, and they’re a tantalizingly easy premise that fools us into believing it’s worth $2 to play. Well, it’s not worth it, and deep down, we know it.

The Yacht Club in Boca Raton, Florida, lets guests personalize their minibar, by choosing what items they’d like in advance. That could be anything from craft beer from local breweries to juices from Whole Foods.

Other hotels, like the Kimpton Hotel Born in Denver, offer only local whiskey, beer, snacks, and other items in their minibar. Some hotels are going for a minibar-cocktail lounge fusion, giving you a full-service bar experience right in your hotel room. The W Hotel in London has a cleverly-named Mega Bar option, which comes with a full bar, sound system, disco ball, and personal mixologist.

What do you think: how could you reinvent the minibar experience?