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Wellness Wednesdays at Cameo Beverly Hills: A Boost for Team Morale and Productivity

with the team at Cameo Beverly Hills (a Remington Hospitality hotel)

Together with

We met Amy Salvago and her team earlier this year when she explained their Wellness Wednesday program at the Cameo Beverly Hills - (a Remington Hospitality property). I went back to the hotel to meet with Amy and her team, and today, you'll hear a bit more about this program and what the impact has been.

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Wellness Wednesdays at Cameo Beverly Hills: A Boost for Team Morale and Productivity

with the team at Cameo Beverly Hills

The Cameo Beverly Hills, a Remington Hospitality property, has introduced an initiative they call “Wellness Wednesday” that breaks up the workday and promotes team bonding and stress relief.

The Concept of Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday, as explained by Amy Salvago, Director of Human Resources at Cameo Beverly Hills, is “a chance each week for us all to get together and create some endorphins, whether it be through physical activity or by playing a game and laughing.”

Credit: Amy Salvago

It includes everything from walks around the block to life-size bowling and bingo, aiming to provide a fun-filled 15-20-minute break from the workday.

Impact on Employee Morale

The program has had a tangible impact on employee morale. Khadi Mbengue, the Sales and Catering Administrator at Cameo, shared how Wellness Wednesday allows her and the team to “break from our routine and see people that we don't often see during the day.”

Credit: Amy Salvago

This interaction, she notes, is a valuable opportunity to reconnect with colleagues in a relaxed setting, fostering a sense of community within the workplace.

Building Relationships Across Departments

Saida Khamilova, an accountant at the hotel, highlighted the significance of Wellness Wednesday in enhancing cross-department relationships.

“It’s like a little getaway from the work environment to chat with our colleagues since everyone is from different departments,” she said. This helps break down silos within the organization, fostering a more enjoyable and productive work environment.

Credit: Amy Salvago

A Reset for Frontline Staff

For frontline staff like Jared Copeland, a Guest Service Experience Planner, Wellness Wednesday serves as a much-needed reset. “It makes me feel like I can get through the rest of the day.” Such initiatives are crucial in guest-facing roles, where maintaining energy and a positive mindset is essential.

An Inspiration To All of Us

Credit: Amy Salvago

Wellness Wednesday at Cameo Beverly Hills shows the importance of team well-being in hospitality. By planning and hosting this each week, the hotel not only enhances its team’s morale but also indirectly contributes to better guest experiences, as a happier and more cohesive team is better equipped to provide exceptional service.

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