#WellnessWednesdays unlocked camaraderie for our teams

Amy Salvago, Mr. C Beverly Hills (Remington Hotels)

If I was working at a hotel property I'd want to work at Mr. C Beverly Hills (a Remington Hotel). Take a look at some of the recent activities they've done as part of their "Wellness Wednesdays" programs:

Amy Salvago, Director of Human Resources, oversees this program and today shares with us what started this idea, how she runs it, and advice she has for others considering something similar.

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The big idea: Organizing and hosting activities can build camaraderie among your teams.

  • "The idea for Wellness Wednesdays came when we received poll survey results in 2021 from the associates and saw that wellness was one of our biggest detractors. So Wellness Wednesday was one of our responses.

  • "Since wellness can cover a big scope, we try to incorporate activities that touch on all aspects of wellness.

  • "The goal is to break down silos between departments and to bring associates out of their areas. And Wellness Wednesday has been really beneficial in doing that.

  • "Some of our most recent wellness Wednesdays have included dodgeball, jump roping, and ring toss. We did hula hooping and life-size bowling. We've done sound baths, yoga, and Zumba. And then we also like to mix in arts and crafts activities.

  • "We really wanted to enhance the camaraderie between associates and we've learned that breaking up the routine in a workday is not only a lot of fun, but it can change the tone of the building.

  • "We've also learned that how important extracurricular activities are to prospective employees. In this job market, potential associates are looking at what extracurricular activities are provided when deciding where they want to work. This is something that makes us stand out as a really fun, caring place to work.

  • "Before you start, get feedback from associates about what kind of activities they'd like to see and participate in.

  • "You have to be consistent and show that the people that showed up had the best time and word will spread."

Today's challengeWhat activities could you offer for your teams to promote wellness and also build camaraderie?