🍍 How Valencia Hotel Group maintains consistent excellence

Trent Freeman had a challenge. His hotels had topped the charts of guest satisfaction. “That’s a very difficult place to sustain,” he told me.

It turns out, that a big part of how his hotels maintain consistent excellence is through showing hospitality to his team through recognition.

Trent is the Corporate Director of Operations Development and Quality Assurance at Texas-based Valencia Hotel Group. His insight?

“People enjoy recognition. If we make sure we go out of our way to find and share that, it really encourages our team members to seek it out. When they see others being recognized, they’re also encouraged to do the same thing because everybody wants to be a part of that.”

For Trent, a key part of working in hospitality is the feeling that you’re a part of something that has meaning. “If I were going to suggest a reason to people to get into the hospitality industry, I would say it’s to be a part of something that matters. Anybody that gets in this industry, whether it’s a housekeeper, front desk agent, server in the restaurant, bartender – they can all be a part of something that means something.”

“Hospitality is about serving people. One of the biggest shortcomings that we have as a society is knowing how to treat each other. We shine the light on that in the hospitality industry. We really set the bar for how to treat other human beings, and it’s no small feat. I think it’s very important.”

(This story was created together with Shiji Group)