Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Featuring Anna Marie Presutti

Could misunderstanding a role like that of a hotel general manager be holding us (or people in our companies) back from achieving what’s possible?

On Hospitality Daily, I’m making some changes to learn more from our guests, and this week, we’re learning from Anna Marie Presutti, a trailblazing hospitality leader and General Manager of the Hotel Nikko San Francisco.

Earlier, we heard her career story. Today, read on to see the misconception that was holding her back - and might be holding you or the people around you back as well.

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Do We Misunderstand The Role of a Hotel GM?

Anna Marie Presutti is the General Manager of Hotel Nikko San Francisco. Like many others, she didn't really understand the opportunities in hospitality - and that continued even after she started working at a hotel.

I didn’t want to be a hotel general manager. It sounded so boring. All I saw were stacks of paper. Now those statements tell me a story.

Turning data and reports into insights to lead your teams is a start, but Anna Marie goes even further to act as an ambassador for her city and area. My interview with her took a long time to schedule because she was crisscrossing the country, drumming up business.

On Monday I was in Florida, sourcing business for San Francisco and asking what we could offer that would be a good fit for them.

Takeaway: What could thinking more expansively about your role look like for you? 

Maybe, like Anna Marie, you act not only as a general manager but also as an ambassador for your area. Maybe you’re in another role, but what would it look like to plan on a bigger scale and make a bigger impact on the people around you and your business?

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