🍍 Think like a concierge

Why the Aethos Hotels team uses Whatsapp

Enabling experience-driven hospitality is more than simply thinking of cool activities to do. You need to design and deliver a service operation around those activities.

“Helping our guests plan their experiences is incredibly important,” says Aethos Hotels co-founder and CEO Benjamin Habbel.

He shared the example of yoga retreats they offer where everything is planned and managed for multiple days. “You don’t have to think about anything, you just arrive and take classes, enjoy great food, and see cultural attractions. We have everything organized, from the pickup to the drop-off.”

The Aethos team provides service through the channels guests prefer. For many, that’s Whatsapp – so Whatsapp is the communication channel between the guests and the staff. “We reserve restaurants for you, plan boat rides for you, and provide suggestions for cool spots to check out each day.”

The goal? A no-stress experience where you feel continually inspired – whether you’re on property or not.

Sometimes enabling the best travel experiences requires pushing guests outside their comfort zone.

“Sometimes we encourage you to try something new. Sometimes it’s great to chill by the pool, but maybe there’s more you could do. We want you to be aware of that. We want you to experience all you want to experience. This really defines our brand.”

What could it look like for you to encourage your guests to try something new and step outside their comfort zone?