Think Holistically To Deliver The Best Guest Experience

Featuring Sabrina Cendral

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A few weeks ago, I published an episode saying I'm going all in on operations as the best way to help you delight your guests - but our guest today, Sabrina Cendral, pushed back on that. Read on to learn why, as she had valuable points I - and every hospitality provider - should keep in mind.

Why we need to think holistically about the guest experience

Sabrina Cendral

What’s going on? Sabrina Cendral led marketing and sales at Club Med and found that delivering a remarkable guest experience involves thinking about much more than just the on-property experience. There are big opportunities to engage guests throughout their journey, from the dreaming stage to the booking process to post-stay interactions.

Her advice: Sabrina advocates for a holistic approach to guest engagement:

When we think about experience design, we really need to think about the entire customer journey.

This involves thinking about what it takes to build excitement with your guests before they step foot on your property, creatively engaging them on-site, and helping extend the magic of their stay after they leave.

The takeaway: Integrate marketing and communication with your operational processes to delight your guests.

Question for you: What pre- and post-stay engagement strategies could you use to improve guest satisfaction and earn loyalty?

Putting this into action:

  • Create a pre-stay communication strategy to build excitement and provide information that helps your guests feel confident about booking a stay with you.

  • Enhance your guest experience on-site by personalizing interactions based on what you know about them.

  • Implement a post-stay engagement strategy that encourages feedback and re-booking, perhaps through personalized offers or highlights of upcoming events and new offerings.

  • Organize collaborative sessions between your marketing, sales, and operations teams to share insights, brainstorm, and align.

  • Analyze data to understand guest behavior and preferences for communication and engagement.

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The “funnel” offers a roadmap for understanding a guest's journey from dreaming about travel to booking a stay at your hotel. It is broken down into four key stages: Discovery, Planning, Booking, and the Guest Experience. Learn how this framework can guide you in effectively attracting, engaging, and delighting guests at each stage.

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