Why Art and Creativity Matters in Hospitality Today

with Teresa Muk, Head of Brand and Strategic Marketing at Swire Hotels

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How can art and creativity transform travel and guest experiences? Teresa Muk, Head of Brand and Strategic Marketing at Swire Hotels, joins us to answer this question today.

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Why Art and Creativity Matters in Hospitality Today

with Teresa Muk, Head of Brand and Strategic Marketing at Swire Hotels

Teresa Muk

Teresa joined us yesterday to discuss a recent activation they're doing across their hotels:

'Encounters Across Cultures’ is being hosted in four cities: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Beijing - and features artists using biometric data to create music and art that reflect each city's character. These installations will be displayed in The House Collective's hotels through early next year to showcase the blend of art, technology, and culture and celebrate the return of travel post-pandemic.

Credit: Swire Hotels

I found this quite impressive and wanted to speak more about it with Teresa to learn how we all can think about how art can play a role in how we provide hospitality.

Why does art matter in hospitality?

I think it's crucial to focus on art and creativity. Travelers want to understand and experience local culture. Culture makes the travel experience so much more unique than just going to a restaurant or going to a shop to buy things.

What really makes a memory last is connecting with the local culture, connecting with the people locally. That's what sets hospitality brands apart: the experience you can curate and present to your guests. It's how you win their hearts.

Blending international and local influences

The hospitality experience is always about mixing the international point of view with the local point of view.

That's why we came up with the idea of encounters across cultures. When you go travel, you really want to have this mix or cocktail of different cultures that you can experience in that place.

Credit: Swire Hotels

Be friends with your guests

We constantly think about how can we strengthen the connection we have with whoever comes across our brand or our hotels. How can we become friends with them?

We're not looking at our guests as just our guests. We're looking at them as friends.

It's about the connection that we're trying to create so that we can turn everyone - both the people we work with and our guests - into friends. That's the philosophy that we have, and that’s what sets us apart from the other hospitality brands.

Credit: Swire Hotels

But that’s not all - we also covered:

  • How Teresa and her team put together successful artist collaborations

  • How they measure success

  • How they hire creative talent for their teams

  • Their recent activation and what they learned

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