Take time to be still

Sherrie Carreno, Wildhaven

I love the last week of the year because I take a few days to get into nature, and reflect on the year and what's ahead.

One thing I've been thinking a lot about recently is something Sherrie Carreno, General Manager of Wildhaven in Sonoma, California, shared with me.

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"We don't take enough time to be still."

"For much of my career, I don't remember a quiet moment. Phones are ringing or people are at your door or you're going from place to place or you're on Zoom calls. But nature reminds you of what's important. It reminds you that you're temporal and that you're not going to be here forever. You really need to enjoy some of what's important in life. For me that's my family, it's animals, and it's nature. There's just something about getting out in nature - even if it's for a short hike - that just can change your perspective."

Sherrie Carreno

I wanted to share this with you because the pace of working in hospitality is often go go go ....but I'm curious if we could learn something from Sherrie.

What would it look like for you to find some stillness and restore and rejuvenate?

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