Take the time to lead

September 9, 2021

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Providing exceptional hospitality starts with how we treat our associates, and today we have The London West Hollywood’s Jeff Kulek share more on the leadership practices he’s seen work for him. You’ll also read about the pilot program Accor’s Chairman and CEO Sébastien Bazin found drove staff engagement - and why the Thompson Nashville is offering IV infusions to their guests.

Take the time to lead

“As leaders, we have to recognize our team members are just not a pair of hands, they are a whole person with a life and a heartbeat and a family. This is somebody that we should care about and get to know.

“I get here at six o’clock in the morning because I want to see my overnight crew before I start my day. I don’t leave until I see my night crew. I want to look someone in the eyes and I want to know that they’re doing well. I want to ask them how their family is and how things are going for them. I treat them with kindness and with mutual respect because of what they bring to the table. It doesn’t matter what your position is.

“We’re people in a service industry being of service to everybody, and that includes our team.

“Make your team feel a part of something. You want your team to think, “I’m not just someone doing a job. I’m a part of this team that makes this hotel run successfully and provides amazing service to our guests. I know that my GM wants me to go out of my way to provide amazing service to you.”

“That’s why some hotels are so successful. The building can’t talk. It can offer luxury and it can offer amazing products and services, but the experience that you have in being taken care of while you’re staying here and getting to know the team during your stay is what makes it extra special.”

Accor’s pilot program to increase staff engagement

Accor’s Chairman and CEO Sébastien Bazin is on a mission to bring more passion to the hotel industry, starting with the knowledge and joie de vivre of staff members.Speaking with Hotel News Now during the International Hotel Investment Forum, Bazin said one initiative in Eastern Europe has proven successful and might be scaled up.

“We gave staff members a little money to redesign a room, and they were free also to use their own belongings. They put their names above the doors, and they gained great self-esteem and pride in that, and the guests loved it, too,” he said, adding that staff are a huge untapped resource to allow guests to learn about a destination. "Some might say this is gimmicky, but it was a huge success,” he added.

IV infusions, yoga & juice bars

It’s all part of what Lisa Bush, director of sales and marketing for Thompson Nashville, is offering as part of their Executive Performance package - created in partnership with a local wellness company - as part of a strategy to attract groups seeking creative health and well-being add-ons for their events.

The hotel introduced the IV infusion offering for those looking to increase energy levels, sharpen focus, reduce fatigue and maximize performance. The hotel also offers guided yoga sessions, rooftop group exercise classes and juice bar breaks.

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