This is what hospitality leadership looks like

Antonia Korosec, The Boca Raton

Antonia Korosec impressed our previous guest Maria Navarro so much that I had to invite her to join us.

"Antonia is the definition of a great leader. She was running this Forbes triple Five-Star hotel and restaurant when I worked for her, and you can imagine the number of things she had to do every morning. But every morning she would roll up her sleeves to help with the morning rush, flipping tables, and then go to the front desk knowing the names of every single employee that was working in the property. I remember always looking at her and thinking this is really what hospitality is all about. She treated us the same way that she treated the guests. She showed me what it means to lead with hospitality."

Maria Navarro

Antonia is the General Manager of Resort Operations at The Boca Raton - a large property in Florida with five hotels and numerous outlets from fitness to entertainment to restaurants.

In today's episode, she explains what remarkable hospitality should look like for guests - but also for team members - and how this guides her leadership style.

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The big idea: Leading from the front lines makes a huge impact on your teams and the way they provide hospitality.

Today's challenge: When is the last time you jumped in to help out your teams on the front lines? Be ready, willing, and able to serve your teams in any way they need help today.