Training From Real-World Experience

with Stephanie Leger, First Rate Hospitality

Good morning. The way you train your teams to serve your guests plays a big role in their satisfaction and the success of your hospitality business. Today we're learning from Stephanie Leger, Chief Excellence Officer at First Rate Hospitality, about common mistakes she's seen, what makes for effective training, and how training and development can play a role in attracting and retaining more people to our businesses.

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Training From Real-World Experience

with Stephanie Leger, Chief Excellence Officer at First-Rate Hospitality

Stephanie Leger

Stephanie Leger has extensive experience both in-house at luxury brands such as Ritz-Carlton as well as working as a service evaluator for Forbes Travel Guide, and has trained more than 20,000 people worldwide to date on providing remarkable hospitality. A few excerpts from our conversation today:

Common service mistakes

One of the most common mistakes that Stephanie has observed recently is the lack of proper training provided to new employees.

We're so excited [to have staff], we basically throw them to the wolves because we need to take care of the guests, but they don't receive proper training, and now they're providing wrong information to the guests.

Stephanie Leger

Another common mistake is a lack of personalization. We should be able to provide personalized service to our guests, but too often Stephanie is seeing a robotic approach to service that doesn't allow personalities to show.

We're still seeing robotic service that is lacking our employees’ personality. Yes, we have certain brand standards, but we still want to make sure that the guest is experiencing something that they couldn't experience anywhere else.

Stephanie Leger

Effective training comes from experience

Often, HR directors are responsible for organizing training, but they may not have the necessary hands-on experience to provide effective training, Stephanie observed. She believes that training should be based on front-line experience and anyone training should be able to provide guidance based on their own experience.

Have you ever been at the front desk on a Sunday when we're trying to flip the house and seen all the communication we need to do with the guests and housekeeping and all the different departments to know what’s going on?

Stephanie Leger

Training can play a role in your talent retention strategy

To attract and retain more people in the industry, it is important to make hospitality fun again and focus on the positive aspects of the industry, Stephanie says. This is true for all, but especially those new to the business, like a group of interns she trained recently:

I love sharing my story that when I was 17, I went through high school and college in the hospitality industry and I decided to continue on with it after that. Look at all experiences that I've been able to have! I've really been able to manifest my own career path. And you can as well.

Stephanie Leger

If you want to learn how to provide training that levels up your guest experience and helps you retain and develop talented people, I encourage you to listen to Stephanie today:

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