Serving the community also helps us reach our business goals

Rob Dacey, Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh Airport (Prospera Hospitality)

What if you could help others - and reach business goals like employee recruiting and retention at the same time?

Today, we’re going to meet someone doing just that: Rob Dacey, the general manager at the Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh Airport, a Prospera Hospitality property.

A while back I saw photos on LinkedIn of what Rob and his teams were doing to serve their community and had to get him on the show to talk about what he’s learned.

Today’s episode is a little longer than most, but I really want you to hear the whole thing - so maybe download it to your podcast player if you don’t have time to listen right now 🙂 

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The big idea: Serving your community through volunteering not only is a good thing to do but can help you reach your business goals.

“The biggest piece of advice I can give is if you're not involved, get involved, especially when you're in a small community. Involvement not only helps build morale and helps your team want to be there, but it also helps get your business out there.”

Today's challenge: How are you engaging with and serving your greater community?