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Designing Hospitality: From Teaching Millions to Crafting A New Hotel Brand

with Ben Uyeda, Founder of Reset

Together with

Ever wondered how a world-renowned designer would reinvent a hotel from the ground up? Today's your chance to find out, as we’re learning from Ben Uyeda, a designer, architect, educator, entrepreneur, and internet sensation who is now building Reset - his own hotel brand.

We’re also learning about:

  • Water as an “amenity”

  • Making a building feel like home for guests

  • Spending money on “unreasonable hospitality”

  • …and more

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Report: The Future of AI Recruitment in Hospitality

Having the right team is essential in a highly competitive industry where exceptional talent is the backbone of your business operations.

Enter AI recruitment. But AI is completely uncharted and often concerning territory for employers in all industries, not just hospitality. It evokes imagery of robots and computers taking jobs. And the topic can spark important conversations around biases and discrimination in the recruitment process. Overall, the concept of AI in recruitment is blurry at best for most stakeholders in the hotel space.

This is why Hireology created this guide — to dig into the intricacies of AI recruitment, explain why it’s a game-changer for your hiring process, and explore its implications for you and your team. Whether you’re seeking seasoned management professionals, high-caliber culinary talent, or guest services all-stars, AI can help you quickly identify the perfect match and make smart hiring decisions.


Designing Hospitality: From Teaching Millions to Crafting A New Hotel Brand

with Ben Uyeda, Founder of Reset

After leaving his Ivy League teaching position and co-founding an award-winning architecture firm, Ben Uyeda turned his talents to democratizing design through media companies, reaching over 50 million people globally with free, accessible designs in the last few years alone.

Starting off at that place where you have prestige and credibility, I immediately started seeing what I didn't have, which was actually a message or a way to connect with people who weren't already going to do just fine. Every one of my students was going to be successful regardless. Teaching design to people who are already talented at design and the people who already care about sustainability just felt a little like preaching to the choir.

In today’s episode, Ben unpacks his journey and shares insights on digital media, influence, and his unique vision for the future of hospitality.

This is a consistent theme of how I look for opportunities across all fields: where the bigger hot company is struggling with an inevitable truth that's coming. Everyone knew in 2014/2015 video was going to dominate content. Big [companies] were struggling, and they couldn't do it effectively. They couldn't be scrappy.

You'll discover how his innovative approach is reshaping the guest experience, design, and sustainability in hospitality today - starting with his new flagship property on 180 acres near California's Joshua Tree National Park.

Credit: Reset Hotel

Nature is going to be an increasingly valuable commodity and a really safe thing to build brand around. Farmhouse modern might be a style one year and then mid-century modern and then boho chic. Trendy things will come and go. I don't think people are going to get sick of mountains and beautiful sunsets and beaches and coastlines and redwood trees. These things are irreplaceable.

This is a masterclass on rethinking spaces, from concept to creation, in ways that resonate with today's travelers and our dynamic hospitality landscape.

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