The question to prioritize operational excellence

Plus: Aman's new apparel line

Today we’re looking at:

  • Holiday travel trends in the US

  • The question to prioritize operational excellence

  • Aman’s new apparel collection

  • Perspective from Bryan Fry and Michael Hraba

It’s a holiday week here in the US, and recent research from Deloitte found two-thirds of travelers will fly and/or stay in paid lodging. Workplace flexibility is giving holiday travel a boost, spurring 75% of travelers who plan to work during their trips to add extra days because of the ability to work remotely. More than half will add three or more days to their longest leisure trip because they have the ability to work remotely.

The question to prioritize operational excellence

Providing exceptional customer service and running a successful hospitality business starts with operations at the foundation.

Anyone working in the industry knows how easy to get overwhelmed by the number of tasks and opportunities that are always at hand. That’s why it’s so important to set priorities.

Without priorities you will run the risk of overlooking more important responsibilities that can compromise service quality of your hospitality operations.

Patrick Landman of Xotels prioritizes by starting with the following question:

“What brings the most value to your guests?”

The Aman Essentials collection

Aman’s new Essentials apparel brand “draws on the colors, tones and essence of some of the world’s most magnificent global destinations.”

Moving a lodging brand into a lifestyle brand like this is smart. Who else is doing this?

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