The Pittsburgh hotel using robots to improve life for staff

Plus: AI making talent shortage worse, Hyatt vs AirBnb & why hotels are a smart investment

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Today, we’re looking at:

  • People: LinkedIn analysis of top places to grow a career

  • People: Why AI is making the hospitality talent shortage worse

  • Technology: The Pittsburgh hotelier using robots and robotics to make life easier for staff

  • Marketing: How Aqua-Aston’s social media marketing manager is using AI

  • Brands: Hyatt takes aim at Airbnb with new extended stay brand

  • Investment: Why hotels are a smart investment now

  • Sustainability: Environmental sustainability also means profit sustainability

Let’s jump into it…

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Hospitality Companies Fail to Make “Top 50 Workplaces to Grow Your Career” List

Credit: Shutterstock/Andy P Images

What’s going on: The annual LinkedIn Top Companies list identifies the top 50 U.S. workplaces for career growth, based on eight pillars that promote career progression. These pillars include the ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity, educational background, and employee presence in the country. The ranking uses LinkedIn data to evaluate companies' performance on these factors, helping job seekers find the best companies for their career goals.

Why it matters: To address its staffing challenge, hospitality companies must become a place where people see long-term career growth potential.

In their words: “Amazon and Wells Fargo top this year’s LinkedIn Top Companies list, a data-driven ranking of the 50 best companies for career growth in the U.S. Amid economic uncertainty and news of layoffs, the list highlights the workplaces helping set people up to get ahead in their careers. Big banks like Bank of America shine again this year as they stand strong amid a rocky year for finance, while key players like Kaiser Permanente and PepsiCo also pop as advances in AI transform their businesses.” - Juliette Faraut, Editor at LinkedIn News


AI Is Making the Hospitality Talent Shortage Worse

What’s going on: AI-led recruitment has become increasingly popular as technology advances. However, it may not be as beneficial for the participants as it seems. Just like dating websites, AI recruitment systems rely on algorithms to match job seekers with potential employers based on vast amounts of data, including resumes, job descriptions, and other relevant information. They learn from this data and make decisions based on patterns and correlations. However, these systems can also have biases - with serious consequences.

Why it matters: In a world where many hospitality businesses are still challenged by talent shortages, we need to identify and eliminate all barriers to hiring great people.

In their words: “AI recruitment is like Tinder. Convenient, easy, fast, and even entertaining, but not good for the participants.“ - Szilvia Olah, founder, The Strengths Company

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The Pittsburgh hotel using robots to improve life for staff

with Rob Dacey, General Manager at Prospera Hospitality

Rob Dacey changed my mind about robotics in hospitality. As General Manager of a Hilton hotel in Pittsburgh, he's using robots to reduce stress for his team, improve morale - and do things like make Uber Eats deliveries more seamless.


How Aqua-Aston’s Social Media Manager is Using AI

What’s going on: ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that has gone viral for its ability to engage with humanlike dialogue and a range of applications from explaining quantum physics to suggesting recipes based on your pantry. But users are taking it to the next level, finding creative uses in hospitality.

Why it matters: To get the edge, we need to figure out the right way to use AI across our businesses, including marketing.

In their words: “It’s sort of creepy, but I’m still using it.” - Bianca Sewake, Social Media Manager at Aqua-Aston Hospitality


Hyatt Takes Aim at AirBnB With New Extended Stay Brand

What’s going on: Hyatt is launching a new brand that will “marry form with function and offer suites with kitchen amenities to provide comfort during extended trips away from home.” Hyatt Studios will launch more than 100 locations built with multiple partners beginning in 2023 and completing by 2024.

Why it matters: The growing remote workforce will drive demand for hotels offering extended stays for work, as these guests have different needs from vacationers and traditional business travelers.

In their words: "Hyatt Studios hotels will transcend dated notions of value-driven compromise by inviting guests to enjoy both the coziness of a studio apartment and the positive energy of being in a creative studio.” - Amy Weinberg, SVP at Hyatt


Why Hotels Are A Smart Investment Now

What’s going on: As operating businesses with an ability to reset rates nightly, hotels have a unique advantage in inflationary conditions. Additionally, the hotels have begun to look more attractive than other asset classes due to macro factors.

Why it matters: Hospitality’s ability to innovate is affected by its ability to attract capital.

In their words: “Office is in disarray. Multifamily returns have diminished. Industrial, strong in the pandemic’s earlier days as warehouses and distribution centers blossomed, has slowed down; and retail continues to languish in a way that hospitality hasn’t.” - Andrew Broad, managing director at RobertDouglas


Environmental Sustainability Also Means Profit Sustainability

What’s going on: Environmental needs, customer sentiment, and the regulatory environment are all converging to create an opportunity for hospitality businesses.

Why it matters: The time is now to increase profitability by doing the right thing for all stakeholders.

In their words: “The green revolution is no longer something any hotel organization can ignore, and that doesn’t mean you can’t add some green to your income statements in the process.” - Adam Mogelonsky

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