From DJ to hospitality experience designer

Lessons in experience design from Pablo Lopez, Marketing Director at M Social New York

Hello. It’s Friday and we need to have a little fun, so today we’re looking at a new rooftop pickleball court in NYC - and learning from the former DJ turned hotel marketing leader behind that activation on why and how we can be creating cool experiences like this for our guests as hospitality providers.

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From DJ to Hospitality Experience Designer

with Pablo Lopez, Marketing Director at M Social New York

Pablo Lopez, the Marketing Director at M Social New York, recently oversaw the creation of a new miniature pickleball court on their rooftop in partnership with Grey Goose, attracting guests and locals alike and driving business for their restaurant/bar.

Credit: M Social Times Square New York / LITO Creative

The Opportunity with Experiences

Like many of us, Pablo’s start in hospitality wasn’t planned, but he quickly fell in love with how this industry provides an opportunity to create unique, fun experiences for people. He believes providing memorable experiences is the soul of hospitality.

I became obsessed with curating special, memorable experiences for people. I consider myself to be an artist and a creative, and hotels are my canvas.

Pablo Lopez

Start with Creativity

For creating unique experiences, it is essential to start with the craziest ideas and then work towards practicality, Pablo says.

We start with the craziest ideas [to push the boundaries of what’s possible], and then the operations team comes in and help us understand what’s possible.

Pablo Lopez

Attracting Locals

Pablo believes that hotels should reflect the culture of the city and attract locals to experience the hotel's offerings. This can help generate additional revenue streams and increase brand awareness.

It's important to bring in what's going on in
New York City.

Pablo Lopez

Partnerships for Activating Experiences

Partnerships can help create you a differentiated experience for guests. Pablo believes that hospitality brands should align with other lifestyle brands with the same vibe.

For the rooftop pickleball court activation, M Social New York partnered with Grey Goose, a brand of Bacardi. “[The partnership] made perfect sense. It's really exciting to be connected to the whole US Open experience because we all know what that does to the city."

Credit: M Social Times Square New York / LITO Creative

If you’re looking to create something special for your guests - and work with others in bringing it to life - I encourage you to listen to Pablo speak more about this on our podcast today.

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