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Britt Morgan-Saks, The June

Britt Morgan-Saks has an amazing story. After graduating from Harvard, she knew she wanted to work in hospitality, so talked Amy Sacco - creator of the legendary Bungalow 8 in New York - into a job working for her there.

In today’s episode, you’re going to hear what Britt learned from Amy and this experience early in her career - and how it can guide the way we think about providing hospitality today:

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  • How Britt got her first job in hospitality

  • How Amy Sacco would put a room together at Bungalow 8

  • What this taught Britt about creating community

  • Why beautiful spaces can’t guarantee good vibes

  • How to push through the challenge of burnout and scale

Britt is a native New Yorker and recent Florida transplant, lending her experience from companies like Sony, Spotify, and The Howard Hughes Corporation to launch and scale The June throughout the US.

The June is a new private members club Britt is building to create a more modern, inclusive experience of belonging in emerging gateway cities, starting with an initial launch in Jacksonville, Florida.