How I think about mental health in hospitality

- Hans Pfister, Cayuga Collection

At the start of this week, we heard from Ken Barber and Sherrie Carreno on the importance of rest and rejuvenation in providing hospitality. And for the past few days, we've been hearing from Hans Pfister on how he brought his teams at Cayuga Collection together to recharge and work on becoming better hospitality providers.

One of his team members said they really appreciate how Cayuga thinks about mental health, so I asked Hans how he thinks about this - and about an exercise they did at their recent offsite to promote mental health.

As we close 2022 and prepare for a new year, there are few topics I can think of that are as important as this one.

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I think that mental health involves a lot of things. It involves being a part of a group and feeling part of something bigger that provides groundedness. In our offsite, we did a gratitude exercise that taught us how to improve our breathing and consciousness. It was put together by a musician here in Costa Rica, who used musical instruments and led us in creating rhythms together and shouting louder and faster. It created a real discharge of energy and made everyone feel super good. It was a great thing to do at the offsite because it might not be something we do every day, but it gave us tools to deal with tension or stress, and start each day off right.

Hans Pfister

How can you give your teams tools to deal with stress and maintain their mental health?

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