Finding motivation and meaning in your work

With Steven Moore, Actabl

You only have one life, and you want to spend it well. If you’re in hospitality, you are spending it well.

Steven Moore

Today we’re learning from Steven Moore, CEO of Actabl.

The big idea: Utilizing your unique gifts gives life to you and the people around you, and hospitality is an incredible opportunity to do this.

Today's 7-minute episode covers:

  • What Steven finds tough to see (0:00)

  • Finding fulfillment (0:14)

  • What motivates Steven (0:24)

  • The parable of the bricklayers (1:33)

  • Thinking about the scale and impact of hospitality (2:06)

  • Reconnecting with your “why” (3:53)

  • Author….or investment banker? (4:18)

  • Utilizing your gifts to give life to you and the people around you (4:38)

  • The outcomes of hospitality in the world (5:35)

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Question for you: Are you in the best position to utilize your unique gifts at work?

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