Lessons from All-Inclusive Hospitality

Featuring Sabrina Cendral

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After visiting Club Med with my family, I'm fascinated by all-inclusive hospitality - and found someone who could give us the behind-the-scenes story on how this business works: Sabrina Cendral. She visited Club Med often as a kid, ended up working for the company, and then worked her way up to SVP of Marketing & Sales. Read on for some insights for all of us—regardless of whether we work in this type of hospitality business or not.

What can we all learn from all-inclusive hospitality?

Sabrina Cendral

What’s going on: All-inclusive hospitality has long been attractive to guests who don’t want to be nickel-and-dimmed. In this inflationary environment, more and more travelers find that compelling. The big brands are taking note, with Marriott and Hyatt making moves towards more all-inclusive offerings, which are also seen as key drivers of their loyalty programs.

What did they do? Club Med is leaning into the idea of freedom…

Club Med's latest campaign is called L'Esprit Libre, which means freedom of mind and spirit. It's very liberating not to worry about pulling out your wallet for everything you want to consume or enjoy, but it’s more than that.

Why? All-inclusive hospitality encourages people to try new things, Sabrina says:

“It gives more space and opportunity for that transformative experience, trying out new sports, discovering new skills and new passions. You wouldn't do that as much if you had to pay to get on the flying trapeze and not be sure you'll even dare jump off that board, right? But if it's all included, why not? I'll try it. I think that is central to how powerful this all-inclusive experience is in providing a very transformative experience.

Question for you: Could your hospitality business explore expanding what’s included in your guest stay for no extra charge? It might cost a bit of money, but you are likely to get a great return in word of mouth and guest loyalty.

If you want more…

Sabrina talks more about her journey and career learnings at Club Med here in this episode:

Offering great amenities doesn’t have to cost much. Here are a few of my favorites:

Collaborations with other local businesses can also be a great way to offer more to your guests, as Jeremy points out:

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