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Working With The LeBron James Family Foundation and Saira Hospitality to Empower Communities

with Kevin Osterhaus, President at Graduate Hotels

Together with

Lots of hospitality providers talk about serving their community, but few go as far as the organizations we're going to be talking about today: Saira Hospitality, the LeBron James Family Foundation, and Graduate Hotels.

We’re also learning about:

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Working With The LeBron James Family Foundation and Saira Hospitality to Empower Communities

with Kevin Osterhaus, President at Graduate Hotels

Kevin Osterhaus

Today, Graduate Hotels president Kevin Osterhaus joins us to discuss a project they did and the opportunity it shows for community engagement.

Collaborating for Impact

The starting point for this story is The LeBron James Family Foundation's creation of House Three Thirty, an innovative, multi-use facility filled with resources for and by families in the community.

In partnership with Graduate Hotels, the Foundation launched the 'Training Camp' program to provide people in the community with essential hospitality skills. To realize this vision, Saira Hospitality, a nonprofit specializing in pop-up hospitality schools, was brought on board to develop a curriculum encompassing soft skills and specific hotel industry expertise.

Credit: Graduate Hotels

Training Camp: A Pathway to Career Opportunities

People who went through this ‘Training Camp’ program from Saira Hospitality and Graduate Hotels were then given the opportunity to use their newly developed skills at House Three Thirty. Kevin told me many have loved it so much they’re still working there.

Today nearly everyone who went through the program is still working there. It's been a huge success.

Why Hospitality?

I asked Kevin why the LeBron James Family Foundation focused on hospitality, and he said it was all about an alignment of mission.

There’s not an organization I can think of that could better share values in terms of lodging and skill provision and access to different careers. The LeBron James Foundation wanted to continue to provide opportunities for their team members in Akron. They wanted to show off the work that they're doing in Akron. They've opened this amazing facility that provides these jobs, but also showcases so much about what they're doing and brings the community in.

Credit: Graduate Hotels

This alignment between housing, skills training, and career access made hospitality a natural focus for their community support initiatives.

It was just an extension of what they can do to support the community. And they've done it in a remarkable way.

Beyond Talk to Action and Change

The collaboration between these organizations shows how hospitality can be a pillar of community support, going beyond the traditional scope of the industry’s focus. This initiative goes beyond saying good things and takes action through investing, creating programs, and driving real change.

The story is profound for us. It matches our desire to continue to focus on getting people excited about hospitality.

The partnership between Saira Hospitality, the LeBron James Family Foundation, and Graduate Hotels represents a model of how hospitality can play a pivotal role in community empowerment. By focusing on skill development and job creation, this collaboration is not just about providing community services but about nurturing and showcasing the potential within the people of our communities.

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