🍍Learning from luxury

Plus: Microbreaks and H&M's Coachella hotel

Today we’re looking at:

  • What all hospitality providers can learn from luxury brands

  • Microbreaks: offering hospitality to your neighbors

  • H&M’s "Hôtel Hennes” at Coachella

Learning from luxury

Luxury service is magical and subtle, writes Chip Bell. The Las Brisas Hotel in Acapulco uses manual hedge clippers and push mowers, so hotel guests never hear the unpleasant sounds of maintenance underway.

Luxury service also always happens at the right time, never late or early - and is choreographed to ensure a guest never endures their experience as wait. The Saison Restaurant in San Francisco, for example, serves guests the chef's special appetizer, a complimentary filler to help patrons remain enchanted as their meal is prepared before their eyes since the kitchen is in the center.

Microbreaks: offering hospitality to your neighbors

Recent research found 83% of Brits would prefer a local staycation rather than traveling abroad – and it seems people are taking this a step further with “microbreaks.”

“After months of lack of privacy and social gatherings, microbreaks are an opportunity to recharge or reconnect,” writes Leah Sinclair for Stylist.

As I wrote yesterday, welcoming people from down the street is the same as doing that for guests from halfway around the world - and just might add a nice revenue boost for your property as well.

H&M’s “Hôtel Hennes” at Coachella

One of the buzziest attractions from Coachella this year came from H&M, who took over the Sands Hotel & Spa in Indian Wells to create a splashy and experiential retreat.

The takeover included bellhops in H&M-branded uniform and recreated hotel room in the middle of the swimming pool complete with a Hotel Hennes mattress and pillows. There was also a styling suite with racks of pool-ready H&M gear.

Could you partner with a brand to do this on a smaller (or bigger!) scale?