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  • 🍍 What I learned from buying out a 400+ room resort for a week

🍍 What I learned from buying out a 400+ room resort for a week

Plus: Rosewood’s new “Alchemy of Sleep” program

Today we’re looking at:

  • What I learned from buying out a 400+ room resort for a week

  • Rosewood’s “Alchemy of Sleep” program

  • Busting the January blues with vibrant hotel art

2022 may have just begun, but the hospitality industry is already seeing significant shifts in connecting with guests. With an unprecedented demand for digitization and automation as reduced workforce and challenges from the pandemic continue, there’s a lot going on that hoteliers need to be aware of as we move into the new year. Join the Cendyn team Thursday, January 27th for a webinar on the trends they are seeing for revenue, marketing, and sales in the year ahead.

Safety protocols: much more than performative ritual

The company I work for just bought out a 400+ room resort for a week to host an offsite.

The biggest thing that stood out to me was how important the safety protocols of the resort were in the decision process - and how we’ve communicated this to our team in promoting the event to maximize participation.

I’ve heard some hoteliers talk about these measures just being performance to make people feel good. Whether you feel this way or not, it seems these safety measures play a huge role in how corporate events are booked (and I’m sure that’s true for many leisure travelers as well).

I’d like your perspective - what’s been your experience with the impact of safety protocols on bookings?

Rosewood’s “Alchemy of Sleep”

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts is introducing its new Alchemy of Sleep program, which includes a mix of consultations, treatments, and classes on nutrition, movement, and mindfulness.

“While the return to an on-the-go lifestyle is in sight for 2022, taking time for true rest and reset is essential for ensuring good health at every level. We designed our Alchemy of Sleep experiences to provide guests with the tools they need for slowing down and establishing lasting sleep hygiene habits, which will have a greater impact on their overall wellbeing.” - Emmanuel Arroyo, Regional Director of Wellness at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Guests can opt for a one-night ‘Dreamscape’ or extend from two to five nights for a ‘Sleep Transformation,’ providing an even more immersive stay. As a supplement to these offerings, Curated Sleep Boxes feature products that rebalance such as essential oil blends, tea blends, aromatherapy linen mists, and silk eye masks.

The promotion also leverages partnerships. For example, Menlo Park’s Rosewood Sand Hill in California features Bryte’s Restorative Bed, which allows for individual heating and cooling personalized to each sleep partner’s profile with Circadian Climate technology directly impacting the sleeper’s core body temperature.

To further reduce stress, guests can choose from a selection of calm-inducing treatments that incorporate ingredients like CBD and lavender, as well as take part in meditation in the property’s landscaped gardens.

Busting the January blues with vibrant hotel art

“Hotels need fresh and original art, not watered down prints that blend into walls.” – Frances Bildner

Artist Frances Bildner believes we need to do better when it comes to hotel art. Great art differentiates your property and makes an impression on your guests.

“Guests want to feel uplifted, especially in public spaces. Ikea prints and cheap anonymous photographs do nothing to encourage a viable workspace or lobby. It can be truly soul-destroying to look at the same anodyne images on the wall. This is not good for anyone.”

How are you using art in your properties? Send me a photo and I might feature it in the next newsletter.