The rookie GM who crushed a hyper-competitive talent market

Plus: No-points Loyalty by Ennismore, Building an Airbnb, and more

Good morning. If you’ve struggled with hiring (as many have), you’ll appreciate our feature story today with a first-time hotel GM who grew her team from 12 to 130 in the hyper-competitive Silicon Valley market - and earned the best retention rate from those hires - by following an unconventional playbook.

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Talent Strategies for Competitive Markets

with Lauren Phelps

Lauren Phelps / Credit: Josiah Mackenzie - Hospitality Daily

Today we're learning from Lauren Phelps about hiring and retaining talented people. A few excerpts from our conversation:

Danny Meyer had it right: “If your employees are happy, everything goes from there.”

Question everything: “Do we need this position? Is there a way to combine these positions? Can we create a new position?”

Look for alignment: “Creating that sense of impact and finding people who were energetic about the things we were energetic about.”

Autonomy, mastery, and purpose: “We found that people that were excited by those things in the interview stage tended to become full-time employees and stay with us.”

Recruiting is sales: “I was a full-time salesperson. That was my job.”

If you’re looking to hire (and keep) talented people on your team, I highly recommend you listen to Lauren today.

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