Know thyself…better than Spotify, Netflix, and Google do

Raul Moronta, Remington Hotels

“Know thyself…better than Spotify, Netflix, and Google do.”

Raul Moronta told me this as we were discussing the future of work and careers in an increasingly technology-powered world. He said it’s the advice he gives his teams.

It made me laugh. And I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

Listen to Raul explain why he says this:

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  • “Know what you’re good at. Know what you’re not good at.

  • “Understanding human behavior is going to be extremely important because we are automating more and more transactions.

  • “Successful people in the future will be leaders who can see beyond that and steer the ship. Where do I find the white space that’s not being addressed?

  • “The biggest misconception you have is that AI gives you a competitive advantage. AI does give you a temporary advantage if you're a first mover but eventually, it is a competitive disadvantage for you not to be in it if everybody else is.

  • “10 years ago, some companies started using revenue management systems. Now, most hotels have them. It does not give you a competitive advantage anymore.

  • “Success comes from asking, ‘how do I outsmart my competitors having the same technology, the same access, and the same tools?’

  • “Leadership in the future is going to be far more important than it has been because it's the only thing you have left to differentiate on.

  • “If you have automated more and more work, then leadership and your ability to inspire other people becomes a lot more important. That’s the future of our industry.”