🍍 The key to exceptional hospitality

“​​There are a lot of regions in the world where there’s this mantra of the bigger the better,” Aethos Hotels co-founder and CEO Benjamin Habbel told me. “Everything is about offering more and more and more. I think exceptional hospitality has actually nothing to do with that.”

Exceptional hospitality comes from connecting with the guest. 

Exceptional hospitality is being able to move your customer, leaving an impact, an impression, a memory that lasts well beyond the Instagram post. Something people will talk about for a while.”

As you might expect from a founder who drew inspiration from sweetgreen to launch the brand, that comes back to knowing what your guest is looking for - and then offering amenities that deliver that.

For example, in Ericeira (Portugal) they decided to offer a dedicated surf concierge and a surf school.

“They will do daily research on the tides and wind and where the best waves are. They will help you plan your day dedicated to surfing. You can take classes if you’re still a beginner or an intermediate, but also receive expert-level instruction.”

Same at their spa - it goes beyond the typical offerings to provide treatments that cater to an active lifestyle. “If you go mountain biking or hiking, you come back and experience our hydro pool and massages that will relax you after a long, active day.”

What does this look like for you? How can you creatively offer amenities and activities that make a unique impression on your guests?