Slow down and enjoy nature (Ken Barber, Wildhaven)

We’re in the last week of the year, and I try to use this time to slow down a bit and reflect in nature. I recently had a good chat about doing this with Ken Barber, the co-founder of Wildhaven, a provider of luxury outdoor hospitality experiences and operator of the top-rated glamping destination in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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"My belief is we are all moving too fast in life right now."

"The beauty of nature is it moves at a very slow pace. A simple example is the clouds. When I'm out in nature, I spend a lot of time looking up and seeing the clouds slowly moving by. That slows me down. Another one is the fire. I love to sit by a campfire because the flames move slowly and effortlessly and it's simple. Slowing down and simplifying is what we need right now."

After spending some time at Ken's Sonoma property, experiencing what he’s created, and speaking with his team, the benefits of nature-based hospitality were very clear to me. Regardless of what type of hospitality provider you are, I believe there’s something you can learn from him.

I have two questions for you to think about today:

  • How can you recharge through nature?

  • What would it look like to incorporate some element of nature or the outdoors into the way you provide hospitality?

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