Why we need leadership offsites now

- Hans Pfister, Cayuga Collection

As you're planning for the year ahead, think about how you can bring your teams together to share experiences and learnings from each other. 

Hans Pfister recently did this with his teams at Cayuga Collection and found it to be very effective. 

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"Bringing our leaders together to exchange experiences and ideas has been really powerful."

We have to train our leaders to lead their teams so the whole organization can perform at the best level and meet our guests' expectations. One of the things we found extremely effective was to bring the leaders of our hotels together and have them exchange their experiences. What has worked for me, what didn't work for me, what I've learned, where I failed, what I've learned from that failure, and how I can improve. That's something that's been really, really powerful. Typically when you work in a remote, small boutique hotel, you don't have the opportunity to have this kind of interaction. But we've been able to bring them all together and provide them with this learning experience.

Hans Pfister

Gathering people to train and inspire them can take many forms, but offsites provide a unique opportunity for this.

What could this look like for your organization in 2023?

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