🍍 The GM who picks up trash

Plus: Selena’s ‘experience board’

Today we’re looking at:

  • An inspiring story of the GM of Nizuc Resort Cancun

  • Selena’s ‘experience board’

  • Marriott’s recruiting through social media

The GM who picks up trash

Doug Kennedy writes about his experience with the GM of Nizuc Resort Cancun. 

“One of the first things I noticed about [GM Jaime Jaramillo] is that he is omnipresent. I’ve seen him just about everywhere in his resort over the years, other than the one place I rarely see him, which is in his office!

On a recent visit, I arrived in the early afternoon and noticed that the lobby was slammed with arriving guests. I had never quite seen it this busy. As I found out later, the airlines had recently changed arrival times so that a lot of flights were landing around the same time. Of course, Jaime knew this, and so where do you think he was that day? Right in the lobby watching over all the action.

I noticed right away he was greeting guests who were waiting, chatting them up and welcoming them while his bell staff scurried about with their luggage. I saw him get the attention of the distracted parents of two quite active little kids, who had obviously been on a plane way too long, just as they were about to escape around a corner and run down a hallway possible scaring their parents to death.

At Nizuc they always welcome you with a cool washcloth and a sweet tropical beverage, and there is usually plenty of staff to collect the empty glasses, but on this day it was Jaime picking them up.

But what truly impressed me the most was to see Jaime Jaramillo picking up the trash. Not that there was a lot of it, and not that anyone other than a hotelier like me with eyes for such details would have noticed. But yes, there he was, picking up bits of paper and food wrappers that had fallen out of pockets as guests reached for their documents.”

This is leadership in hospitality!

Selena’s ‘experience board’

Selina Co-Founder Rafael Museri said he spends a lot of his time brainstorming with local key influencers. “We call them ‘the experience board,’” he said. “They’re not from hospitality – they’re customers and they’re defining for us what they need. The focus of this company is to listen to the community and build a product for them. This will always be the number one focus.”

According to Museri, this allows Selina to gather more revenue per square meter than many of its competitors. “It’s due to the fact that we’re more of a lifestyle platform and not just a hotel.”

Marriott’s social media recruiting

I like Marriott’s use of social media and short video interviews to introduce people to the benefits of working in hospitality:

Who else is doing this?