Fight for your talent (Denise Dupré, Champagne Hospitality)

Plus: Accor's top digital exec on tech, HITEC recap, and what to do if you hit a plateau

Good morning. Everyone talks about wanting to keep talented people at their companies, but I don’t think I’ve met someone who is more tenacious about fighting for her talent than the hospitality leader we’re learning from today.

Today, we’re looking at:

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Fight for your talent

with Denise Dupré, founder and managing partner of Champagne Hospitality

Today we're learning from Denise Dupré about hiring, retaining, and developing talented people. A few excerpts from our conversation:

Why she works in hospitality: “It’s fun. It’s really invigorating to make people feel special.”

What she looks for when hiring: “Is there joy in the person? Did they bring up the energy in the room?”

Deciding who to promote: “My radar is constantly on. I try to stay on the ground and interact with people at all levels.”

On retention: “I made a career of not accepting resignations.”

Denise told me story after story and how she took situations where someone on her team got a job offer and she got creative and flexible to create an even more compelling offer for them within her company. If you’re looking to level up the quality of talent in your organization, I highly recommend you listen to Denise today.

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