Earth Day special with Michael Pace: Creating "EarthCare"

Lessons in scaling sustainability

Today is Earth Day, and I’m excited to bring you a special episode on sustainability.

Last week the MICHELIN Guide had a feature article on how San Francisco leads the way in sustainability, so I wanted to speak with Michael Pace - a hotel general manager who has been a pioneer of much of that across multiple hotels and brands here in this city.

Credit: Josiah Mackenzie / Hospitality Daily

Michael is now the General Manager of the InterContinental Mark Hopkins, but today shares the story of how he co-created the "EarthCare" initiative at Kimpton Hotels earlier in his career - which quickly became one of the leading environmental programs in the hospitality industry.

I felt I needed to be more of a part of the solution, and do that as a member of the community.

Michael Pace

Today's 11-minute episode covers:

  • The unexpected way EarthCare got started (0:53)

  • Being a part of the solution (2:07)

  • Starting with one floor of a hotel (3:06)

  • The working group (4:14)

  • Advice on scaling an initiative (4:50)

  • Creating a vision and mission (5:14)

  • What doesn’t work (6:00)

  • Getting buy-in (6:31)

  • Creating custom trash cans (7:31)

  • Making the business case to owners (8:11)

Credit: Josiah Mackenzie / Hospitality Daily

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Credit: Josiah Mackenzie / Hospitality Daily