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How we are providing hospitality outside the walls of our hotels

Christian Lundén, Nordic Choice Hotels

Our most frequent guests are spending 60 days a year with us on average. That means that we have 300 days that we are not talking to even the most frequent guests. We asked ourselves: how can we be more relevant for more people more often?

Christian Lundén

The average Scandinavian spends 1.4 nights a year at a hotel, and for Christian Lundén, VP of Strategic Growth at Nordic Choice Hotels, that presented a big opportunity. Listen why:

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In today’s episode, Christian shares:

  • What prompted him to start looking for new ways to show hospitality

  • Capabilities that hotel companies have to provide hospitality in new ways

  • The opportunity for workplaces

  • Why the Nordic Choice team has its own office at one of their hotels

  • The test they ran selling rooms to gamers

  • The big retail opportunity

The hospitality industry is coming out of a few very difficult years, and the approach Christian describes is an opportunity to expand the way that we think about ourselves as hospitality providers - not only to overnight guests but to our communities - and also unlock new revenue streams.

Christian is hiring for his team, and you can check out the role here if you’re interested.