Charge Confidently and Give Generously

with Bill Walshe

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Good morning. Whether you're still working on your budgets for the year ahead or have those all done, today we’re learning from a legendary CEO about what it will take to succeed moving forward. You'll learn the title he wants you to act as if you have - as well as how you need to think about balancing bold pricing with generosity.

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Charge Confidently and Give Generously

with Bill Walshe

Bill Walshe

Bill Walshe is the former CEO of Viceroy Hotel Group, and today, he's helping others in hospitality as a board member, strategic advisor, and keynote speaker.

The Power of Pivoting

According to Bill, the ability to pivot is crucial for leaders in the hospitality industry.

Everybody is putting a phenomenal amount of time and effort into creating budgets that will probably be relevant for about 20 minutes after the beginning of the year.

It's important to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. Just as we pivot financially, we should also pivot ideologically and be prepared to change our approach to achieving cultural goals. Don't lose sight of your goals, but be open to adjusting how you achieve them.

You Need To Be “Chief Pride Officer”

Bill suggests that every hospitality professional should embrace the role of a “Chief Pride Officer.”

Your obligation, irrespective of functional responsibility, is to make people proud.

Focus on creating experiences that leave a lasting positive impression on guests and colleagues alike. By prioritizing pride, you can foster a culture of excellence and build strong relationships that enable your organization to deliver exceptional hospitality.

Balancing Bold Pricing with Generosity

Charging confidently for the experiences we deliver is essential, especially in a demand-led industry like hospitality. However, it's equally important to give generously.

My fear is we head out of 2023 and into 2024, is that luxury hospitality guests are looking at us and saying, instead of giving generously, you’re gouging us. And I think that we need to reflect on and recommit to that sense of compassion and generosity in hospitality.

Random acts of kindness and unexpected moments of delight can create customers for life. If you want to charge resort fees, ensure they have substance and are appreciated by guests!

Let's make 2024 the year where we evidence our compassion, where we evidence our generosity, our creativity, our humanity, and our humility.

Bill Walshe

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