Champagne Hospitality: Delivering Remarkable Experiences

With Denise Dupré, founder and managing partner of Champagne Hospitality

Good morning. Today, we’re learning what it takes to design and deliver remarkable hospitality experiences from the managing partner of one of the leading luxury hotel collections in France (and beyond).

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Champagne Hospitality: Delivering Remarkable Experiences

with Denise Dupré, founder and managing partner of Champagne Hospitality

Raised in a family hotel business, Denise Dupré’s understanding of hospitality started at a very young age. This early exposure to the ins and outs of providing great service proved invaluable and provided a foundation on which she has built a successful career.

After working in various roles within consulting and marketing, Denise was inspired to create Champagne Hospitality with the goal of providing exceptional experiences that evoke the joy and excitement of popping open a champagne bottle.

Denise believes that remarkable hospitality is all about listening to your guests, understanding their needs, and providing them with unique, unexpected experiences that elicit a 'wow' reaction.

She explained this concept with a story from one of her hotels. A guest accidentally broke a bottle of perfume, leaving glass scattered around. The housekeeper responded immediately, cleaning up the glass and leaving a bottle of perfume from the hotel's spa collection in the room. This act of kindness and consideration left a lasting impression on the guest, embodying the ethos of Champagne Hospitality.

Denise emphasizes the importance of genuine interaction with guests. She suggests asking thoughtfully timed and targeted questions to understand the guest's experience better. Her philosophy is that if you can understand the guest's experience, you can anticipate their needs and create a truly unique and personalized stay.

With a rise in global wealth, the demand for luxury travel is increasing. To meet these expectations, Denise and her team at Champagne Hospitality are always innovating and adapting to deliver something special and unique. They focus on quality, not just in the physical buildings or tangible aspects of their service but also in the experiences they create.

Guests are willing to pay a lot for an amazing experience.

Denise Dupré

Denise shared that luxury hospitality is more than just providing an upscale space to sleep and eat. It's about allowing guests to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the place. One of the ways they achieve this is through private wine tours in their champagne houses. Instead of just showcasing the wine, they provide an authentic, hands-on experience where guests can be a part of the vineyard's daily operations.

It’s real. People don’t want a show. Your feet might get muddy.

Denise Dupré

This concept of authenticity is also reflected in their team's approach towards the guests, and staff are trained to be “real, humble, and kind.”

Looking ahead, Denise is excited about the potential of creating more memorable experiences for her guests. She’s experimenting with new ideas, including a program she calls 'GEMs' - guest experience managers.

When you arrive you will have already had correspondence from the GEM that is going to be assigned to you, and that person meets you at the front door and already has done everything they can to learn about what they can do for you. Our objective is by the time that guest leaves, you have built a connection with that person. We have found is our team is so much happier because they have really understood how much they have enhanced the vacation or the business meeting or whatever it is of those guests.

Denise Dupré

As I spoke with Denise, I was impressed by how she is continually working to level up Champagne Hospitality’s offerings and provide an unparalleled experience to her guests.

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