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Featuring Chip Rogers (AHLA), Amanda Gray & Raul Moronta (Remington), Matt Gorman (Upshift) and Peter Ricci (FAU)

Welcome to a special weekend edition of Hospitality Daily. A few months ago, I attended a career fair here in San Francisco and asked people if they would consider working in hospitality and  what they thought about a career in this industry.

What I heard there started me on a journey over the past few months to understand more about what people who don't yet work in hospitality think about working in hospitality and what it would take to get them to work in this industry today.

I ended up getting feedback from 2,085 people across the US, and you can see the results here.

But that’s not all - over the past 24 hours I’ve published a bunch of conversations about this to help you think about not only what the opportunity is, but how you can communicate it to get others to join you in providing hospitality:

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