Why it's "Beverage and Food" at Remington Hospitality

Plus: Psychological ownership, Stewarding capital, and Minimalist hotels

Good morning. One of the megatrends I'm tracking is the opportunity for hospitality to be much bigger than the hotel business as we've traditionally thought about it. (I did a deep dive with Richard Valtr on this here.) This week, the company formerly known as Remington Hotels rebranded to Remington Hospitality to reflect this evolution and opportunity, and one of the pillars of the company is its beverage and food program. Today, we're learning from the man behind that program, Richard Garcia.

We’re also looking at:

  • Strategy: 3 Ways to cultivate psychological ownership in your guests

  • Investment: Stewarding capital in hospitality

  • Design: The ultra-minimalist Miwo Hotel

  • From our community: A contribution from Regitse Rosenvinge

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Why it's "Beverage and Food" at Remington Hospitality

with Richard Garcia on the Hospitality Daily Podcast

Richard Garcia is a Marine Corps veteran, star chef - and now senior vice president at Remington overseeing Beverage and Food. Today on our podcast, he explains why he branded his organization this way - and what’s on his mind heading into the summer.

Starts conversations: “The reason is you just asked me why. It gives me the chance to explain what we do.”

Broader applicability: “Not all hotels have signature restaurants.”

Rock the classics: “We experimented with everything and found focusing on the classics allows us to capture as many people as we can.”

A prediction: Richard breaks news with his prediction of the newest hot drink of 2023 so you’ll have to listen… 😎

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3 ways to cultivate psychological ownership in your guests

by Susie Arnett at The Transformational Concierge

Psychological Ownership is a concept you don't often hear in hospitality circles, but it's a powerful way to drive repeat business. Here are examples of how travel brands Canyon Ranch, Modern Elder Academy, and Six Senses Hotels, Resorts & Spas are doing this really well.


The ultra-minimalist Miwo Hotel

by Will Speros on Hospitality Design

Credit: Song Ye + Yusong Zeng / Hospitality Design

Crowning a mountain above Lishui City in Zhejiang, China, Miwo Hotel rises like a treehouse from the forest. The minimalist concept by Hangzhou-based AT DESIGN aims to disrupt nature as little as possible, with floor-to-ceiling glass that puts the surroundings on display. “We hope that guests can not only immerse in the forest landscape but also have the atmosphere of a contemporary art space,” says lead designer Moye Shen.


Stewarding capital for impact

with Michael Hraba on the Hospitality Daily Podcast

Michael has been a part of bringing iconic hotel projects in California to life and shares how people can use capital to transform communities, promote sustainability, and create jobs.


A contribution from Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge

Tomorrow, Regitse is sharing how to tell better stories on the Hospitality Daily Podcast - make sure you’re subscribed in your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss the episode.

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