A Better Way To Evaluate, Buy & Implement Technology

with Kari Anna Fiskvik, SVP of Technology, Strawberry

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There is so much technology out there to help hospitality professionals today, but how do you evaluate the providers and solutions out there to figure out what's a good fit for you in your business? Then, once you've made a decision, how do you implement that technology so that it drives the results you want?

If you’re like me, your LinkedIn newsfeed is full of posts about hotel technology right now because one of the biggest trade shows in the U.S., HITEC, is taking place in Charlotte next week. But whether or not you're attending that show, I invite you to join me in getting a unique perspective on hotel tech today from Kari Anna Fiskvik, the SVP of Technology at Strawberry, one of the most innovative hospitality brands in the world. I found her process for selecting technology partners especially insightful.

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