How To Use Music To Elevate Your Guest Experience

with Clay Bassford, Founder of Bespoke Sound

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Good morning. Today, we’re learning about:

  • How to use music to elevate your guest experience and set your brand apart

  • How to delight your team (even if you have no budget)

  • How Miami’s hotels are going all-in on art

  • Hospitality in a word

  • …and more!

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How To Use Music To Elevate Your Guest Experience

with Clay Bassford, Founder of Bespoke Sound

Clay Bassford

Clay Bassford is the founder of Bespoke Sound, and he and his team created the new sonic identity for the Hospitality Daily Podcast. He's helped countless leading hospitality providers use music and sound to differentiate their brands and delight their guests - so I’m thrilled he agreed to share what he’s learned with us today.

We've all had powerful experiences where we're in a new place or exploring a place we thought we were familiar with and noticing something new about it, and there happens to be a song playing that time, and then you forever make that association with that place and that time and that song.

That kind of very impactful impression is a window into kind of how we think about our work at Bespoke Sound. It’s using music as a way to foster an authentic and deeper connection with other people, or to foster their connection with a place that [hospitality] visionaries have created from the ground up.

In this episode, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how his process works and get inspired by what this could look like for you and how you provide hospitality.

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