Why People Are The Key To Staying Inspired

Featuring Bashar Wali

Good morning. You all have been on a tear: Hospitality Daily is now the #1 most-engaged hospitality community and media brand on LinkedIn. Nice work!

Alright - you may be wondering why we've focused so much on attracting talented people into your organizations over the past few weeks. I'd tell you why...but the person we’re learning from today said it so well I want you to hear from him instead.

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Why People Are The Key To Staying Inspired

with Bashar Wali, CEO, Practice Hospitality

Bashar Wali is one of the most recognized names in hospitality because he's done it all - as a leading operator, investor, and hotel branding expert that 180,000 people follow on LinkedIn alone. While he's done it all, today he shares with us why for him, it all comes back to the people. A few excerpts from our conversation:

Favorite part of his job: "Honestly, my favorite part of the job isn’t globe-trotting and staying at fancy hotels. It’s having lunch with a few housekeepers."

Empathy creates connection: "I want to know who you are. I'm an immigrant. I started from the ground up. I imagine being in that position and going home to my family and saying, the boss's boss's boss's boss took me out to lunch and was asking me what I cook and where I like to go on vacation and how many kids I have."

Inspiration: "If I were to pick a prophet for hospitality, it'd be Anthony Bourdain. It's Anthony Bourdain sitting on the floor in a family home in Vietnam."

How that’s shaped how he travels: "When I travel, I often avoid all the bougie stuff and love sitting on the sidewalk at four o'clock in the morning in Vietnam, having pho soup, meeting random people, and talking to them."

What makes hospitality exciting: "For me, people are what makes hospitality exciting. It's one of the few businesses that are truly in the people business. We are so dependent on our people. I think if you understand the joy that that brings, it changes your perspective on life."

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