Worried about AI? Try a career in hospitality

With Michael Hraba

AI is going to make many more people look at hospitality as the place to build a durable career because there are so many jobs that can’t be replaced.

Michael Hraba

Today we’re learning from Michael Hraba, Partner at Waterford Hotels & Inns.

Michael Hraba / Credit: Josiah Mackenzie

The big idea: Millions of people across industries are concerned about their career prospects with the rapid acceleration of artificial intelligence, and this presents a huge recruiting opportunity for hospitality.

Today's 7-minute episode covers:

  • What David Kong (former Best Western CEO) said that stuck with Michael (0:00)

  • The remarkably prescient Oxford study (0:35)

  • AI coding AI (0:59)

  • The impact of hospitality (1:51)

  • Pandemic observations (2:31)

  • Who is working in hospitality now (3:52)

  • How people are starting to view careers in hospitality (5:17)

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Question for you: How can you communicate the benefits of working in hospitality to those concerned about their careers with the rise of AI?

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