Above-Property Revenue Management for Above-Average Results

with Dax Cross, CEO of Revenue Analytics

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Something that has come up again and again in my conversations with CEOs of innovative, successful boutique hotel companies is the move to centralizing business functions, including revenue management. That’s why I’m excited for you to learn from our guest today, who has a fascinating story of leading revenue strategy for some of the biggest hotel companies in the world and joins us to share how owners and operators of smaller hotel companies can learn from these best practices.

Above-Property Revenue Management for Above-Average Results

Dax Cross

Today, Dax Cross, CEO of Revenue Analytics, shares insights into the evolution of revenue management in hospitality. In our conversation, we cover:

  • What’s happening in revenue management today: key trends to watch.

  • The big shift towards "above-property" revenue management.

  • Challenges in managing data and the importance of synthesizing information for better decision-making.

  • Insights from the biggest hotel companies that can be applied to smaller hotel groups.

  • A case study of a hotel group that successfully transitioned to a more automated revenue management system.

  • The importance of building trust in technology and the role of transparency in system recommendations.

  • Advice for overwhelmed hoteliers on how to move towards a more strategic approach to revenue management.


Picture it: an RMS built specifically for the unique needs of above-property revenue management teams.

Easy to say – harder to imagine. So let us walk you through it. In this guide, you’ll experience a realistic day as a revenue manager using N2Pricing by Revenue Analytics, including:

  • Prioritizing revenue opportunities with ease: manage pricing across your entire portfolio, all in one place

  • Exceptions management: manually reviewing price changes becomes the exception, not the rule, thanks to smart automation controls

  • Support for weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities, like reviewing your promotional plan and preparing for meetings with key stakeholders

  • Reclaiming your time and making space for strategic initiatives

Experience a day in the life and walk away understanding how much easier things could be for you and your team! 

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