Worst Hotels in the World; London Ranks Top Amongst 100 Cities says Trivago Study

Worst Hotels in the World; London Ranks Top Amongst 100 Cities says Trivago Study

trivagoThe travel metasearch engine Trivago, has released a study entailing hotel reviews from over 140 travel booking sites with London ranking worst amongst 100 cities. The Trivago Reputation Ranking classifies travel destinations according to the reputation of their hotels. The study did not include TripAdvisor reviews.

The top position went to the German city of Dresden with its hotels receiving the highest ratings and the most positive guest reviews.

“Users praised Dresden hotels for their value for money, whilst London hotels were criticised for their prices,” said a spokeswoman for Trivago.

London hotels were mostly criticised for overcrowding at breakfast, long queues at check-in, inability to cope with large groups of people, small rooms and poor views.

“In particular, reviewers felt the minibars were overpriced and breakfast service was both overpriced and disappointing, whilst hotels in Dresden were praised for their delicious and well-valued breakfasts.”

Joining London in the bottom five were Rio de Janiero, Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam.

Top 10 (Global) Ranking / City / Country / Reputation

1 Dresden Germany 83.08%
2 Hanoi Vietnam 82.99%
3 Portland USA 82.93%
4 Tokyo Japan 82.11%
5 Santiago de Compostela Spain 82.05%
6 Gdansk Poland 81.90%
7 Chicago USA 81.76%
8 Seattle USA 81.61%
9 Krakow Poland 81.44%
10 Budapest Hungary 81.40%

Bottom 10 (Global) Ranking / City / Country / Reputation

91 Los Angeles USA 76.26%
92 Kiev Ukraine 76.04%
93 Frankfurt Germany 75.78%
94 Panama City Panama 75.32%
95 Brussels Belgium 75.30%
96 Amsterdam Netherlands 75.15%
97 Paris France 75.09%
98 Copenhagen Denmark 74.75%
99 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 74.60%
100 London United Kingdom 73.42%

The full list of the best and worst hotels of the world

Trivago is an online metasearch site which compares hotel rates from over 600,000 hotels on over 100 booking sites worldwide. Metasearch engines allow users to send requests to other search engines and databases to get a single list of results and are popular with consumers facing an overload of information on various competing deals.

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